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I’m reading this as I get ready to go to Narita to head back home in NYC after a 3weeks long trip, what a coincidence! As an American with Japanese parents, I feel so much of the familiarity/foreignness that you write about. And I was actually staying in Odaiba these last few days which is like, eye-poppingly futuristic (before that I was mostly in Nara which is kind of the opposite but still so advanced compared to the US lol).

I found your Substack through The Audacity, thanks for writing it! I also went to teamlab planets, and I’m looking forward to reading your impressions :) yoi otoshi wo ~

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Dec 15, 2022Liked by Elspeth Michaels

Oh, Elspeth! What a wonderful exposé of your family trip! Thank you for sharing your insights. You describe what many of us would otherwise overlook or take for granted. Thank you for this Christmas gift.

And yes, we do collect different homes during our lifetimes.

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absolutely can relate to that feeling of collecting homes in different places and different times, and feeling a strange dissonance when going back to them years later! subscribed, excited to read more from you :)

i also write personal musings on my newsletter, FRESH! let me know what you think:


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