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Hi I’m Elspeth, and I write The Drip, the sweet, gooey intersection between hip hop and art history.

My goal is to create an accessible place for hip hop and art history to collide. At its core, The Drip is really about exploring intersections—the messy undefined spaces where creativity and imagination thrive. Think of this project as a mixtape and a sketchbook, a place where we can experiment and play with ideas. In addition to words, I also share illustrations, sketches, and Venn diagrams.

The Rhythm: Each month, I take a concept and break it down through weekly essays, or as I like to call them, “tracks,” that build to the monthly mixtape. I also drop hidden tracks from time to time—like capsule posts, interviews, and ideas around creative process, untethered to the monthly themes.

Mic Check: Where am I coming from? There’s a long story to how this idea came to be—and if you’re interested to know more about it, check out On Substack’s What to Read feature on The Drip! Please know that I’m writing as a lifelong student of music and art, two things that bring so much joy and meaning to my life. I respect that not all art is created for everyone or meant to invite universal participation, but I believe we can appreciate and learn more about certain discourses and traditions without claiming ownership or authority over them. I’m not here to critique, but rather, ask questions and share ideas around which we can build community.

I launched The Drip through the Joel Gay Creative Fellowship, founded by Roxane Gay in honor of her late brother. In addition to being a writer, I’m also a visual designer, artist, and former teacher.

Thank you for reading!

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The sweet, gooey intersection of hip hop and art history.


I'm a visual designer, artist, writer, former teacher & forever student. I write from a place of cultural intersections, because I am one! I'm launching The Drip through the Joel Gay Creative Fellowship. Twitter & Instagram @elspethmichaels